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AGAIN! so long since we updated that i actually forgot we have 
a website.  since last time, the comp were on "the microwave says 
to the pacemaker" came out on slave union records and its awesome, 
we got our copies in and everything so you should order one from us
if you want.  also, the split with toru okada is so close to being
out, the test presses are in and theyre pretty right on, its gonna 
be great when they do come out so dont give up on us because i swear
were trying.  also olly from toru okada is in spy kids 3-d, he plays
a game programmer guy, its awesome.  thats pretty much it, we havent 
been really playing lately, but were gonna try to do some shows in 
may and june and maybe some out of town dates!  thats about it.


again, i havent updated in like 3 months.  first of all the
 3 way split we were gonna be doing on underadar, 
isnt gonna happen, but on the upside, we have a split 7"
 comin out with toru okada on golden shiny wire of 
hope records, and the test presses should be in this week.  
with that said, we are also goin on tour with toru okada 
this winter, the dates are posted on the shows page.  
not much else is happenin.  


this is the first time ive updated in a really
long time so theres alot to say.  first of all,
we went on tour this past spring break and it was 
incredible.  it was the first time either of us had 
done anything like that so thanks to everyone who
helped us out along the way.  also, the split came 
out.  plans for a split with william e. whitmore are
in the works, also a 3 way split with madeline ferguson,
financial panther, and us on underadar and forest fire records.
and a comp which were sendin our stuff to soon.  theres talk 
of a small tour of the midwest this winter, if you wanna 
help us out you should write.  thanks to everyone whos been
buyin the split!  peace out,


we got the test presses in about a week ago
so the real ones should be in right before tour. 
both sides (us and burned out bright) sound really good.

we shall be sending off material soon for the 3 way split 
on underadar and forest fire records with die emperor die,
madeline ferguson, and another band whos name i keep 
forgetting(i feel darn bad about that..)

there are no more demos left, done and gone and buried